The Pain 


Yay! i got to see Jen today. She was looking very cute. I skipped my second class of the day just to travel home on the train with her. She was smiling at me a lot, does that mean anything?

I didn't have the courage to ask her to see a movie with me :(

I am so lame

That girl again

I haven't seen the girl i like, i will refer to her as "Jen"(not real name), since november and i am starting to think i will never see her again because i am not in her class anymore. Last year Jen said that after seeing "Fahrenheit 9/11" with her sister she would see it with me if i asked her. I never did. I have been thinking for the past 4 months about ringing her phone and asking to see a different movie but i am scared she will think it is a date or something.

Why am i scared of her knowing that i want to go out with her? Maybe i think it is awkward to be friends with someone when you want to go out with them and they know. I am so weak.

I had money to take her to the movies but i spent it playing "Initial D" and i bought a pornographic magazine (i haven't done that for years).

Would Jen want someone so sad?


I can't stop thinking about shoujoai (anime lesbians) is the best
i find images on it more arousing than my nude neighbor

i really need a girlfriend

anyway the images are so cool! i wish i was a woman just so i could be a lesbian
sometimes i dream that i am in an anime with lesbians while i am a femae

Nude Neighbor

Yesterday was one of the best days ever!

My neighbor was in the sun naked
I couldn't stop looking at her through the fence
I think she seen me masturbating and went back inside

oh well
she was the first nude woman i have ever seen


i have just finished my holidays but i was meant to go to uni today and i didn't know
i have skipped so many classes mainly because i bought a new playstation game

The Pain

this is a very intersting site
i have never tried starting a blog before

good place to vent my thought and feelings

for all reading i am male, 19 and australian

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