That girl again 

That girl again

I haven't seen the girl i like, i will refer to her as "Jen"(not real name), since november and i am starting to think i will never see her again because i am not in her class anymore. Last year Jen said that after seeing "Fahrenheit 9/11" with her sister she would see it with me if i asked her. I never did. I have been thinking for the past 4 months about ringing her phone and asking to see a different movie but i am scared she will think it is a date or something.

Why am i scared of her knowing that i want to go out with her? Maybe i think it is awkward to be friends with someone when you want to go out with them and they know. I am so weak.

I had money to take her to the movies but i spent it playing "Initial D" and i bought a pornographic magazine (i haven't done that for years).

Would Jen want someone so sad?

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